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Our Values

We really do care about how well you hear!

 Come and see why previous hearing aid users rate us as the best place to get new hearing aids in Markham. 

     Unionville hearing centre has been assisting people with hearing concerns since 2004 with hearing testing, counseling, and providing hearing aids when required. As the first Canadian-Chinese dispenser owned clinic in Ontario, we focus on patient care and follow up services with a feeling of being with family and friends. 

     Why? We want to provide the best possible service with a choice of reliable hearing devices coupled with fair pricing. No sales pressure, knowledgeable information for you to take home and make an intelligent decision on your choice of amplification. "A person with a properly functioning aid will make their life and their families' life happier with better communication, less embrassement and more confidence with sound of activities of daily living." Please ask one of our practitioners about our FREE at home hearing aid trial with no financial obiligations or pressure to purchase if the hearing aid(s) if they are not benefitting the end user.

     We know we may not have the lowest prices but have the ability to provide outstanding service including home visits, video otoscopic verfication of cerumen, cerumen management via manual hand tools or flushing methods.  

     The clinic is open from Monday to Saturday and is staffed with at least one Hearing Instrument Specialist or Audiologist every regular day we are open. 

Mr. Stanley Wu, *BC-HIS, H.I.S., H.I.D.

*Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Stanley has completed and achieved National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (USA), Hearing Instrument Specialist (Can), Hearing Instrument Dispensing (Can), and Certification in Teleloop Installation (USA).

Providing hearing care since 2001, Stanley is kind hearted practitioner providing cerumen management, hearing testing, hearing counseling, hearing aid recommendations (adults), instrument dispensing (infants to adults), and teleloop installation.  Spoken languages: English and Chinese. Stanley was also a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of York.

Ms. Debbie Cramb-Clench, M.Cl.Sc. Audiologist REG CASLPO, Aud (C) SAC

A experienced professional  (25+ yrs) dealing with kids to adults, providing hearing tests, hearing education, counseling, instrument recommendations and for all ages. Spoken languages: English.

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