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Hearing Testing and Hearing Instrument recommendation.

Our dedicated Hearing Instrument Specialists and/or Audiologist will provide a detailed and thorough hearing test without making you feel rushed.  Our caring staff will provide an explanation of your test results, counseling, reasonable choices for amplification, if required, and work with you and your hearing for the best solutions for your difficult listening environments.


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Mechanical Cerumen Management

Cerumen (or commonly known as ear wax) build up is not uncommon to have one ear or both ears to build up with cerumen as foreign objects including hearing aids, ear molds, and even ear phones may trigger the body's immune system response to produce more cerumen as a defense to the foreign object. Here at Unionville Hearing Centre, we can also provide cerumen management using forceps, curettes, water syringing, or vacuum depending on the situation.  Our highly trained and certified hearing instrument specialist will provide a visual inspection with a video otoscope which the patient may visually confirm any blockage, inform what methods will be attempted and provide a post cerumen management snapshot once the procedure is completed. Generally, no prior oiling or additional procedure is required before the cerumen management.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids
Hearing Loop Products and System Installation Service (no longer available beginning 2022)

Changing batteries a problem? Looking for an environmentally friendly option?

Rechargeable Behind the ear (BTEs), Receiver in canal/ear (RIC). BTEs and RIC by Signia(previously Siemens), Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Oticon.

In The Ear styles rechargeable available by Signia, Starkey, and ReSound.

Why are hearing loops needed? Don’t hearing aids enable hearing?

Today’s digital hearing aids enhance hearing in conversational settings.  Yet for many people with hearing loss the sound becomes unclear when auditorium or TV loudspeakers are at a distance, when the context is noisy, or when room acoustics reverberate sound.  A hearing loop magnetically transfers the microphone or TV sound signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a tiny, inexpensive “telecoil” receiver.  This transforms the instruments into in-the-ear loudspeakers that deliver sound customized for one’s own hearing loss. - -

Hearing loop products and systems by Contacta and Univox.

Home visits and services available.
*currently suspended due to COVID protocols


Have questions or keep updated on specials. Call for details.

We understand that in certain circumstances, a person with a hearing loss may not be able to come to our office. We still provide some home visits, we offer off-site hearing testing, ear mold impressions, battery delivery and accessory installation assistance available (for a fee).


Servicing to seniors' residences and nursing homes are also available. Please contact and ask for details.

Looking to keeping up to date with specials and promotions from Unionville Hearing Centre?


Join our group to keep informed on specials and promotions! Ask a question about your hearing aid or trouble shoot your aid. Hear and learn from others about what is working and what isn't. 

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